Medium Term Coin Predictions

Cryptoai statistical artificial intelligence adds the coin that will rise the most among 2500 coins to the list. Increase estimates can range from 10% to 10000%. Artificial intelligence can now examine the chart of 2500 coins in the medium term. The AI accuracy estimate was set at 99% and all previous predictions were successful.



The long-term AI predictions for Polygon matic are as follows.
Polygon(MATIC) is preferred as it is an alternative to payment with ethereum. Between 1-3 years, the POLYGON(MATIC) Value will be between 9-12 dollars. According to artificial intelligence estimation
The rise is expected to be 1980%.


Shiba INU1-3 Years

The long-term AI forecasts for the Shiba INU are as follows.
Shiba INU
In this cryptocurrency, shipping and receiving fees are affordable and do not have mining problems like bitcoin. According to Shiba INU artificial intelligence, it could rise very high in the Bitcoin rankings to become a coin of approximately 600 billion dollars.
Artificial Intelligence expects an increase of 11320% in 1-3 years for this coin.
As a value, it will reach the value of 0.001.


Terra Classic(LUNC)1-3 Years

Terra classic artificial intelligence gives an alert. Because of the total supply of 6 trillion 800 billion mac tokens, 98 billion of them are in usable chains and the remaining trillions of tokens are in the LUNC network.
This is not something that artificial intelligence has been able to compare before.
Often such Supply misstatements result in burns and corrections. Price estimate for Terra Classic is $0.1
Max supply estimate 100 billion units.
An increase rate of 19751% is expected.